Saturday, July 27, 2013

In VA. Birth Defects are Caused by Sin

At least according to E. W. Jackson is the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  They don't have primaries in Virginia if a candidate gets enough votes at a convention.  He was chosen by party leaders, they looked at this man and said he is the best choice to hold the office.  That says a great deal about the leadership of the Virginia Republican Party.

“It is the principle of sin, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects and other destructive natural occurrences.

I don't even know how to respond / react to this lunacy.

How can anyone actually believe this?

What message does this send to parents who have / had a child born with a birth defect?  They sinned?  It is their fault?  G-d is punishing them through their child?

I wonder if these type of statements will cost him any votes?

How many Republican parents will overlook this nonsense and vote for him because he is not a Democrat?


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