Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Montgomery County & Equality - Perfect Together!

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes has decided to issue a wedding license to a lesbian couple.  The couple contacted him and after reviewing the request with both his office's solicitor and the county's solicitor it was decided to issue the marriage license because to do other wise would violate their civil rights.

It was not all that many years ago that Montgomery County, which is a suburb of Philadelphia was a bastion of Republican Conservatism.  Granted they were more George HW Bush Republican than Rick Santorum Republican.  It is now a little more blue than red but it is still a fairly moderate conservative type of county.

I am glad that this move has come from this county and not Philadelphia.  A suburban county sends a stronger message about the march to equality then a similar move from the a big city.

The ACLU has already filed a suit in court challenging my Commonwealth's desire to deny me full citizenship.

The real question now that The Supreme's ruled for equality is;

If the federal government can not discriminate should the various states be allowed to discriminate?

Well done you!  D. Bruce Hanes.

Mr. Hanes press release as reported by Main Line Times

From The Advocate

From Raging Chicken Press

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