Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Verdict - Is It Possible to Still Have Hope?

I don't know what to say - the words are just not coming.

I am saddened

I am stunned but not surprised, I am disappointed but I sort of expected it.

Often on this blog I refer to this country as "This Great Republic" because in spite of all it's imperfections I believe(d) that this nation is still the place where justice lived.

At this moment after this verdict I am not sure I can or will ever say that again.

Bill Clinton used to say "I still believe in a place called hope."  I cannot at this moment.


  1. So what did George do that was against the law?

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting -Please defend him. Tell me what he did was right and lawful.

  2. I don't need to, the defense (and the prosecution )did that.
    How could any of these six woman say " Well he followed him, therefor he is at fault" ?
    One might also say "Yeah? Was that illegal?"
    Juror three "No. Its not even stalking in that context"
    Juror one "But the dispatcher told him not to"
    Juror three"The dispatcher told him he didn't need to do that. Not exactly ,stop what you are doing"
    Juror four" And the dispatcher doesn't have any special authority in that situation.I mean, its just advisement "
    Juror three" He stopped anyway, at least at the time"
    Juror one"I still don't like it, he should have just stayed put"
    Juror three " If it was me, I know I would have "
    Juror five "Well his story about not having an address number from where he was situated was accurate, and the dispatcher was asking for one about three and a half minutes in, after this advisement "
    Juror six" Where was Trayvon at about this time?"
    Juror three"Out of Zimmermans sight between the houses"
    Juror four"While he was still on the phone"?
    Juror five" Yeah, it looks like it.Rachel testified Trayvon said he lost him"
    Juror four"No, while Zimmerman was still on the phone"
    Juror three"It bugs me what Trayvon was doing at this point in time, it seems he could have been home easily."
    Juror one"What does it matter?He is not on trial"
    Juror six"Yeah, but if it wasn't breaking the law following him , I want to know more about their states of mind when they did meet up.Who attacked who?"
    Juror one"Well, I mean, we have to decide if Zimmerman attacked first"
    Juror four"Yeah that would be nice to know, but that really isn't it .Its obvious that Zimmerman got the worst of the fight, was it enough that he had to retaliate with deadly force?"
    Juror one"Expert said they were minor injuries"
    Juror three" I don't know, those photos of his head were consistent with what he claimed.What was done to him that they got there?Was Trayvon just lightly smashing his head against the sidewalk?Toying with him?"
    Juror one"Maybe."
    Juror three"He was screaming for Christ sake!"
    Juror one" Could have been Trayvon."
    Juror five"Why would he be screaming, he was on top, and didn't have any injuries."
    Juror one"He was fighting for the gun and losing."
    Juror three"Oh god."
    Juror five"We've gotten ahead of ourselves.Mr Good testified that he saw Trayvon on top striking,who was screaming isn't really relevant."
    Juror six"Did George think his life was in danger?"
    Juror four"I wouldn't want a seventeen year old strapping young man on top of me pounding away,with his fists"
    Laughter all around
    Juror two"What time is it"
    Juror four"About quarter of nine.Think that is enough time?"
    Juror three"Yeah, hope so"
    Juror five "Violence less likely. God I hope so too."
    Juror two"Lets wrap it up then"
    Juror one"Thank you.I am tired of devils advocate."
    Juror three" Look, George is a plastic cop with a plastic badge , but there isn't any evidence he shot Trayvon without reason."

    1. Thank you for commenting - That was powerful

  3. Or have it your way . The system is broke and these six woman are daughters of Adikia .But don't worry, Dike will prevail in the end.

    1. Thanks for commenting - I had to look that reference up - pretty clever but I do not want the women clubbed to death -

      Sometimes the system fails and in this case it did in a big way.

      I will not pretend to know what is in the hearts of these women but I can't help but think they considered or were impacted by the fear of Black young men.