Friday, July 12, 2013

#MalalaDay - Did You Miss This?

Today Hillary Clinton tweeted this

Malala today at the UN: “Nothing changed in my life except this-weakness, fear and hopelessness died.” Extraordinary young woman.

It is an extraordinary and powerful statement.  Think about it and think about the young woman who made the statement.

It would have been amazing if our 24 hour news networks had covered the speech.  I know I would have found a way to witness this moment. But, our 24 hour cable news networks are clearly only really interested in covering sensational criminal trials. I know that big trials bring ratings and it takes money to run a network but is it too much to ask for a news network cover a wide range of news and not just the trial of the moment.

I am not saying the George Zimmerman trial is not significant - The guy murdered an unarmed young man because he was black.  So, yes I am engaged in what is happening.

But, other things have been happening during the course of the trial and they have gotten so little coverage because of the current trial of the century.

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