Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well Done you! Rep. Mike Schlossberg

"Love begets love, and this world clearly needs more love."

Local freshman State Representative Mike Schlossberg (D Allentown)  has co-sponsored legislation to bring marriage equality to Pennsylvania.  The bills primary sponsor is another freshman Brian Sims of Philadelphia. Something tells that these two power players are going to go far in Harrisburg and maybe beyond.

I'm not going to write another blog post as to why marriage equality is important I have made the case too many times.

I am proud that a local Representative is taking the lead on this and I impressed that as a Freshman Rep. Schlossberg is taking a leadership role. He knows he was sent to Harrisburg to make a difference and he is bound and determined to so.  And, I am glad that I can call the Honorable Gentleman from Allentown my friend.

For this Rep. Mike Schlossberg deserves a "WELL DONE YOU! MIKE SCHLOSSBERG"


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