Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Week in GOP Wing Nuttery

Wow it has  been quite a week in Conservative / Republican Wing Nuttery

Lindsay Graham the prissy Senator from South Carolina has called for yet another war.  I have to wonder what is it about Sen.Graham that makes him love war so much.  I know that Senator Graham has served this nation well as an active and reserve Air Force member he has served as a Judge Advocate the entire time.  He was wrong on Iraq and wrong on the way Afghanistan was fought so he wants us to trust his judgement as he tries to lead us into war with Iran.


Later term abortions that are performed to save the life of the mother are really just "A matter of convenience".  According to GOP Representative Brian Nieves


Kyle Tasker Republican of New Hampshire has a long history of odd public statements - this time he claims he needs booze in order to talk to Democrats.


The always foolish Steve King of Iowa claims that most immigrants are trying to smuggle "Weed".


Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah is willing to shut down the entire government in order to stop ObamaCare.  He prefers women paying more for insurance, he prefers that care is limited by a persons ability to pay, he prefers that people are denied care because of a pre-existing condition, he prefers that a young person who can't afford insurance does not get it.  Mike Lee prefers that people without insurance use emergency rooms for basic care and if they can't afford the care so be it...he prefers that the local hospital passes on the cost of that coverage to you and I.

 Let this sink in.... Sen. Mike Lee, Republican of Utah is ready to shut down the entire government to stop millions of his fellow citizens from affordable health care.


And then there is this jackass...... Glenn Beck  - The President not using a teleprompter last Friday proves he is committed to dividing the nation.
From his own blog

It was quite a week

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