Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Independent Files for Mayor of Bethlehem

We now have a race for Bethlehem Mayor this fall, at least on paper.  It is tough to get elected if you are not a Democrat but it is not impossible.  Four years a Republican was elected Controller.

Former Moravian Academy teacher Bruce Sigmon has filed petitions to run as an Independent for Mayor.  Running as an Independent may actually make more sense than running as a Republican in the city of Bethlehem.

Mr. Sigmon seems to be off to a languid start.  He said he will not really begin active campaigning until sometime in August.  I have no idea what his positions are but I am willing to listen, given my disappointment in the Democratic Nominee.

But, first and foremost I care about moving this city forward and I will vote for the candidate who meets or comes close to my expectation of the type of leadership I want for my city.

I am open and ready to listen to both Mr. Sigmon & Mr. Donchez and if both disappoint me I will write in myself.



  1. Maybe you could write in Marcia Hahn? She always says hello to you? I'm glad to see she is following Schlossberg's lead?

    1. Thanks for commenting

      Not sure why each statement has a question mark - none of your statements are really questions so I am not sure what you mean.

      Marcia Hahn does not live in the City of Bethlehem so it would make no sense to write her in.

      Yes she does talk to me & I consider her a friend - I don't often agree with her votes but I respect her hard work, honesty and commitment to the people of her district.

    Mr. Sigmon has withdrawn from the race citing health concerns