Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caroline Kennedy Set to Represent 米国 in 日本

First Daughter for Life Caroline Kennedy has just been appointed Ambassador to Japan.  A high honor indeed.

Japan is a key and important ally and sending them someone like Caroline Kennedy shows how important our relationship is and shows great respect to them.

I wonder if the Senate Republicans will try to delay and or filibuster her nomination.

Some will say that Ms. Kennedy is being rewarded for her support and loyalty to President Obama.  Of course that is the reason she is being appointed.  Most ambassadors are appointed because they are supporters of a President - Yes Republican Presidents do this as well.  It's not as if the relationship with Japan is hostile so a seasoned diplomat is not needed.

Some will say she has no experience in foreign policy.  She is not making foreign policy the President does that, she simply has to represent the interests of the nation to the people and government of Japan.  The State Department has professional, non political staffers to guide the Ambassador through her time in Japan.

She will be the face of the United States in Japan and quite frankly I can think of no better face than Daughter of Camelot and the scion of one of the greatest political legacy in our nations history.

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