Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Hardly Ever Think about Weiner

I was going to blog something about Anthony Weiner and then I realized I just don't care and I have not given it much thought.  He is yesterday's news.

The Republicans who are trying to link Weiner to something that is corrupt about the entire Democratic party are just coming off as desperate and weak minded.

The pathetic Republican who are hoping the Affair Weiner will somehow negatively impact the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's political future because Weiner's wife is Mrs. Clinton's top aide forget that the Clinton's are covered and teflon and it is really just a silly argument to begin with.

The weak minded Liberals who are gnashing their teeth and wrenching their clothes because they fear the same thing are professional cry babies who specialize is gnashing their teeth and wrench their clothes over the most ridiculous issues.

I mean really, if somebody does not vote for Hillary Clinton because of Anthony Weiner's inability to keep his dick off of Twitter may be a good argument to bring back the literacy tests for voting.

But, like I said earlier I have hardly thought about this at all.


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