Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Despicable Liz

Liz Cheney is pondering a run for the US Senate in Wyoming.  It does not matter that she actually lives in the DC area and only claims Wyoming residency.  But, then when have the facts or the law matter to a Cheney.

She is on Fox and other talk shows because she is Dick's daughter, she was given high level jobs at the State Department because she is Dick's daughter. Many of those jobs had some serious titles. Was she worthy of them?  The Bush foreign policy had almost no successes but foreign policy is difficult and easy to get wrong. Would she have received those appointments if her last name was Flad?  I doubt it very much.

Listen to what she says as a talking head or what she writes in her amusing op-ed pieces and you will quickly realize that Liz Cheney is about as deep as baby pool, as interesting as Paris Hilton and as substantial as a Johnny Depp movie.

And, the women who owes her resume and Republican gravitas to her parents is poised to challenge Republican incumbent Mike Enzi.  Senator Enzi is a quiet and unassuming Senator.  He is a reliable conservative vote.  He works hard, tries to bring home the bacon for his state and by all accounts is effective, well respected and very competent and intelligent.  All of which are reasons for Dick & Lynne's eldest daughter is going to run for the Senate.  Dick & Lynne raised their daughter to be like them.

Liz Cheney is a light weight, grand standing child of privilege and apparently expects the voters of Wyoming to elect her to the US Senate because she is Liz Cheney and she is entitled to it.

In any other time I would never even consider contributing to Mike Enzi but I may just have to.

This great republic, our democracy is too important to allow someone like Liz Cheney to be elected to the United Sates Senate.

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