Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Old Guy Gives Advice for Life

Some advice for life from an old guy who has been up and down and somewhere in between

  1. No good deed goes unpunished
  2. Fuck them if they can't take a joke
  3. Do not change for anyone  - only change for yourself - Unless they pay you a shit load of money 
  4. Stop and take a breath
  5. Do not get angry about things that really do not matter 
  6. So much is Bullshit - just learn to relax 
  7. Do not take politicians seriously - even the ones you agree with are full of shit 
  8. Whatever! 
  9. OK...Its OK.... Where's the beer?
  10. Be yourself and if they don't like it - Fuck em! - They are too stupid to worry about 
  11. Love is so much more important than hate and it does not give you a headache or heartburn 
What do you think?  What are your suggestions? 


  1. Nothing. Repeat NOTHING is better than a good, hard, sleep.