Monday, September 2, 2013

I Review Books I Won't Read

My review of the top selling non-fiction books (according to Publishers Weekly) I have not read and probably will not read.

#1 - "The Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levin - Extreme right wing radio talk show shouter interprets some of the Bill of Rights and explains how his radical conservative opinion will save this nation.

#2 - "Happy Happy Happy" by Phil Robertson (with someone else doing all the real writing) Explains his interesting life as a Duck Commander.  I have no idea what a Duck Commander is.  But apparently a lot of people do and they are buying this book.  But, I have to wonder are they reading it?

#3 - "Zealot" by Reza Aslan.  A new biography of Jesus. Remember when the Fox News religion reporter ask the Muslim Aslan what qualified him to write a book about Jesus.  Despite the fact that Mr. Aslan is an eminent scholar and well really really smart.  - This one I am thinking about reading.

#4 - "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg.  The COO of Facebook gives advice to women and their careers. This raised some eyebrows when it was first published

#5 - "The Duck Commander Family" By Willie & Korie Robertson (with someone else doing the actual writing)  See #2 and really who bloody cares?

#6 -"Exposed: The Secret Life of Jody Arias" by Jane Velez-Mitchell.  A book about the trial of the century. I don't care and neither should you

#7 - "Lawrence in Arabia" by Scott Anderson. How the modern Middle East was formed.  If I didn't have such massive ADD/ADHD I would buy this but I know I will never finish it.

#8 - "This Town" by Mark Leibovich.  NYT Magazine writer takes on the culture of DC.  I'll wait for the paperback

#9 - "The Butler: A Witness to history by Will Haygood. Do I need to tell you about his one?  The book the movie that is giving Oprah her Oscar buzz is based on.

#10- "The Synchonicity Key" By David Wilcock. The author tries to use history and science to explain that everything that happens is related and influences everything else.  Who knew?


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