Sunday, September 8, 2013

Voter Fraud Exists - By Republican Leader's Child

The Republican's claim voter fraud  as their reason for making voting more difficult.  When we all know it is really voter suppression.

They can deny it but we know the truth.  Republican's know they can't win unless they keep traditional Democratic voters from voting.

When Republicans are pressed to prove that voter fraud is a problem they are unable to give precise examples but they claim it exists.

Finally evidence of voter fraud has been reported.

The New Hampshire Union Leader is reporting that they have discovered voter fraud.  Unfortunately for the GOP the voter fraud was committed by the son of the GOP Leader of the New Hampshire Senate. He voted in two states.  Granted this voter fraud happened in 2008 but it was voter fraud none the less.

Perhaps the GOP is on to something with this voter fraud thing.

Or maybe they should just be better parents and teach their children better ethics.


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