Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dennis Rodman - Should be Ignored

This was the headline on the Huffington Post today.

How is anything Dennis Rodman says headline worthy?

Why do we care that a has been basketball player with serious issues hangs out with a short fat not very bright despot with serious daddy issues.

The inherited leader of North Korea starves his own people, kills a former lover just because he could, talks tough about starting a war because he had to prove to daddies buddies he was tougher than daddy.

And, Dennis Rodman calls him his good friend.  Really? Dennis - This man is your good friend?

I beg you MSM please ignore this idiot.  Oh and Fox / Republicans every time you say Rodman is better at foreign policy than the President of the United States it just makes you look like idiots.  So go ahead and hit the Sunday talk show circuit and say it.  I dare will.


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