Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Future of Bethlehem Concerns 80 Year old Couple

At this years Bethlehem's Memorial Day parade and remembrance ceremony City Councilman Bob Donchez the winner of the Democratic Primary for Mayor was a no show.  I don't know of any politician who misses a Memorial Day event but Bob Donchez did.

Just this past Monday I attended Bethlehem's Labor Day parade, twice.  It is so small that I was able to walk a few blocks and catch it again. Bethlehem Mayor & County Executive candidate John Callahan was there front and center, most of the City Council members and Democratic candidates for City and County Council were marching along side the party's biggest ally, organized labor.  Even a Superior Court Judge, a Palmer Township supervisor, and someone who ran for City Council in Allentown were there. 

But, I did not see Democratic nominee for Mayor Bob Donchez in the parade.  I sent a text message to someone who was walking with the elected officials to confirm that I did not see Mr. Donchez and it was confirmed; he was not there.  

I do not know why Bob Donchez chose not to attend these two events.  I can't read his mind nor can I look into his heart to figure out why the next Mayor of Bethlehem would choose not to honor this nation's war dead nor why would the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Bethlehem choose not to support the Steelworker's union during their annual parade.

Were the parade routes too long?  Did he have some other pressing family issue to attend to?  Did he forget that these holidays were significant to large sections of the public?  Does he think because he has a clear path to the Office of Mayor he did not have be among the people?  Was he so embarrassed by his primary campaign that he could not face the public without the protection of the rules of decorum of a council meeting?

Or, does he just not care?

I have no idea really.

Is this what we have to look forward to for the next four years?   An absent Mayor.

My 80 year old parents can't believe this vibrant and exciting city is about to turnover it's leadership from John Callahan to Bob Donchez.  Even they are worried about the city not moving forward.

I wish the voters of Bethlehem had somewhere else to turn 


  1. There is always the option for a write-in vote.. I'm sure JG would appreciate any support he can muster.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting - I am sure JG would appreciate support - I think Josh Groban would be a kick ass Mayor