Thursday, September 19, 2013

il Papa Francisco - A Pope for the People?

This Pope is is sort of kind of awesome .  I am not sure what to make of all this.  I am not a Catholic so I really do not have a dog in this hunt but I am fascinated by the workings of the Mother Church.

During the recent Papal primaries and eventual run off I sat around the lunch room explaining how the whole process works to a table full of of Catholics.  But, then I can tell you the royal succession line in Great Britain.  I am my own little version of "Rain Man"...... But, I digress.

Since Francis became Francis he has done some pretty remarkable things. Some traditionalists would say very un-Pope like.  He seems to be striving to be unlike any of his predecessor less Prince of the Church and more Leader of the People.  On the night of his election he did not ride to dinner in his private limo he rode on the bus with the guys who just elevated him to the throne of St. Peter.  He has decided not live in the palatial Papal apartments but in the area with the other prelates who work in the Vatican.  Granted he is not living in a sparse monks cell but he is not living like Brooke Astor either.  He eats his meals with the boys in black as well.

Pope Francis spoke out against homophobia by basically saying "who am I to judge?"  The reaction from New York's Cardinal claiming it did not matter what the Pope said he was going to judge anyway was disappointing but interesting in itself a change in the way the Vatican works.  The Cardinal did not toe the line in this case in a bad way but he was not summoned to the bosses office.

Now His Holiness says the church has been too obsessed with the gays and abortion and these obsessions are getting in the way of his mission to make the church "as a home for all."  Do I think women, married or out loud & proud priests are on the way?  No.  Do I think the church is going to soften it's approach to abortion or it's treatment of women in general? No on abortion but perhaps slowly with it's treatment of women.

Hopefully this Pope will be around long enough to enact real change and reform to this great institution.

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