Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rev. Robertson; A Grifter Who Owns a Diamond Mine

If the new documentary 'Mission Congo' is to be believed and it appears to be well documented.  The reigning Godfather of Christian hate Pat Robertson is

  • A charlatan - We all knew that
  • A thief - We all suspected this
  • An embezzler - We figured as much
  • A liar - Duh! 
  • Exploited the horrors of Rwanda to cover his diamond mine operation - That I had no idea about.
It appears that Rev. Robertson raised countless of millions of dollars from generous politically conservative white people (that is who watches his show) by telling his viewers he was going to send airplanes full of doctors and medical supplies to the refugee camps

According to sources used by the film makers there were no doctors, no medical supplies but tents full of bibles and a few hysterical preachers who kept getting in the way of the camps operations. 

Where did all the money raised by Pastor Robinson go?  To the operations of a diamond mine he is heavily invested in.  He also started a farm but that was really just a tax shelter front or the diamond mine.

I am not really shocked by any of this. The whole diamond mine thing is a bit unexpected but really Pat Robertson has been a grifter his entire adult life.

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  1. I have heard of the Blind leading the Blind,but not an Idiot leading otheridiots