Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Jersey A Step Closer to Marriage Equality

Is Pennsylvania going to be the last holdout in the Northeast?

Yesterday a New Jersey Superior Court judge ruled that marriage inequality was not legal in the state.  The judge used the recent Supreme Court  as the basis for her decision.  This is not the final word on this matter the case is likely to be appealed to the Court of Appeals and then to the New Jersey Supreme Court.  But, New Jersey is clearly on it's way to recognizing marriage equality.

Well Done You!  Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson

 Many New Jersey court watchers believe that Superior Courts Judge's ruling overturning the states inadequate Civil Union law in favor of marriage equality will be upheld on appeal. The states obnoxious and popular Governor vetoed legislation earlier this year allowing same sex marriage and the legislature has until January to over ride it. So, it appears New Jersey will join the rest of the Northeastern states in supporting a more perfect union.

Which leaves my home state as the last hold out.

C'mon Pennsylvania you can do this.  Remember you are the state that claims to be the birth place of this great democracy and you are the home of the first and only (reportedly) gay President.

Please Pennsylvania don't let Alabama do this before you do!

A similar ruling was just issued  by a judge in Illinois.



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    1. So silly... Who are you? Why do you hide? What are you afraid of by coming out and telling us who you are? Do you not have confidence in your thoughtful opinions?

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