Tuesday, September 17, 2013

President of Brazil Cancels US Visit

A consequence of  of Edward Snowden's leaking.

The President of Brasil has postponed her official state visit to the United States as a result of the disclosure that the NSA was spying on Brazilian officials.

The NSA was doing what it was mandated to do by Congress.

Remember a few weeks ago when our President stood up to Putin and cancelled a summit with the Russian leader. Remember when President Obama decided to not reward Putin's bad behavior with a summit meeting.  As I recall most of us thought it was a good idea.

What is the message of President Rousseff state visit cancellation?  She is punishing the American President for the actions of one of this nation's spy agencies

Are her actions justified?

 Does her snub diminish Obama's standing in the world?

Edward Snowden has decided that he and he alone knows what is best for this country and he has decided that spying is bad.

We do  not know the long term or total damage to American foreign policy. And, it will be many years before we know the full impact of Edward Snowden's actions

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