Monday, September 23, 2013

Senator Gregg is Frustrated

Former NH GOP Senator Judd Gregg has said that the GOP is being ignored and that Republicans should be ignored . Senator Gregg is by no means a centrist or moderate but he is part of the governing wing of the Republican party.  A wing that has so few members they could have their annual conference in my dinning room.

He thinks the national Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people, is devoid of good ideas and since it only offers obstruction to the "Obama" agenda and not alternatives it deserves to be ignored by the American voters.

"Most Americans do not seek purity; they seek answers to the everyday problems they confront. They expect their government to be of assistance in addressing those problems, not to aggravate them through artificial and self-inflicted economic mismanagement, such as having a default crisis that could easily be avoided. "

"If the Republican Party ignores this concern and constantly speaks to an ever-narrower segment of the population, it is not going to be viable for long, no matter how vocal that small band of people may be."

Unfortunately for Sen. Gregg he will be roundly criticized by the likes of the often married junky with a radio show and loved by the stars of MSNBC which means his days as an influence in the Republican party are over.

#note to sensible Republicans if you want to have a conference in my dinning room I will give you great deal on catering.

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