Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Primary was not about Redemption & Corey Johnson Wins!

Disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's race for redemption fell a little bit short.  In the end all of his money could not convince the voters that this race was about the future of New York and not him.

I wonder if Silda had campaigned with Eliot the way Huma campaigned with Anthony if it would have made a diference?

The winner Scott Stringer seems like a very capable fellow and will no doubt do well by the people of the Capital of The World but he just won't be as interesting to watch.

Maybe next time Eliot.

At least you didn't embarrass yourself further like that chronic flasher who was running for Mayor.

Speaking of which

In the slugfest that was the Democratic mayoral primary Bill De Blasio has come in first place but it is still uncertain if he will have received the necessary 40% of the vote to avoid a runoff with 2nd place finisher and previous Democratic mayoral nominee Bill Thompson.

I would like to meet some of the 35,000 people who voted for Anthony Weiner and have them explain to me with so many qualified and decent candidates in the race why they chose to stick with him.

The smart and adorable Corey Johnson has won Democratic Nomination for the City Council seat currently held by Council President and former mayoral front runner Christine Quinn.  You may remember Mr. Johnson first came to our attention when as the captain of his high school football team he came out to his team.  His teammates supported him and kept him as their captain.

You may be asking yourself  "Why is he so obsessed with NYC politics when he doesn't live there?"

Because that is just who I am.

I remember in college one of my professors caught me pouring over the endorsements for city council in the Village Voice.  He asked if I thought I needed a therapist and that he would give me the name of his if I thought my interest in politics had moved to the point of compulsion.

And, New York City politics is just so interesting, it is only 65 miles away (we are pretty much a NYC Suburb at this point), it is the most important city on the planet.


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