Monday, September 2, 2013

Two things; Something I don't care about & Rand Paul is just plain dumb

I don't Care!

The leads have been cast for the 50 Shades of Grey movie.  Did not read the books and will not see the movie.  Though  a lot of women I know read them with great enthusiasm.  A friend mine who writes stunningly beautiful erotica hated them and I trust her judgement.


The junior Senator from Kentucky once again proves how stupid he is (dare I say that?).  He praises Assad  for protecting Christians. Which is all well and good...Christians are in increasing danger in the Arab world.

Let's offer praise for a guy who has gassed his own people on numerous occasions and is clinging to power by murdering thousands of his fellow citizens.

But, gosh oh golly Mr. Assad is a great guy because Rand Paul needs to pander to extreme right wing intolerant Christians.

Rand Paul makes my head hurt, my hair hurt and my eyes hurt.

That clowns like this are in the United States Senate makes me cry myself to sleep.


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