Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Typical Republicans

This did not take long, two GOP Congressmen from South Carolina accuse the President of using Syria to hide/mask/cover up other things.  You know those "scandals" that are not scandals Benghazi, IRS and Obamcare.  Not sure when Obamacare became a scandal but then these are Republicans after all.

One of these pillars of Congress is Joe "You Lie" Wilson.

It's the same old song from the same old pathetic Republicans

Many of the same people who whined and complained about the President not including Congress in his Syria decision making are now complaining that he is including Congress.  None louder that the dumbest member of the Senate; Rand Paul.  His complaint is that by coming to Congress for a vote the President is reducing the role of Congress.

This may even surpass Sarah Palin and her stunning fits of brilliance.


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