Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Mass Killing...It all feels so hopeless.

Another mass murdering rampage this time at a Navy Base.  How many times does this have to happen before this nation's leader will compelled to do something to end this madness?

Our soldiers were slaughtered on their base Texas, our babies were slaughtered in their first grade classroom in Connecticut, young couples were slaughtered while watching Batman in Colorado, our teenagers were slaughtered while changing classes also in Colorado, our college students were slaughtered on campus in Virginia and now our sailors were slaughtered in our nations capital.

And, our elected representatives in Congress will do nothing about it.  They are so afraid of a psychotic madman name Wayne La Pierre and they are more concerned about re-election then they are about our safety.

How many more people need to get slaughtered?

What is my Congressman Charlie Dent going to do about this?  Nothing, nothing at all.

At least my extreme right wing Senator Pat Toomey tried do something last year.

It all feels so hopeless.

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