Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lynne Cheney & Hubris Perfect Together

The haughty and superior Grande Dame Lynne Cheney has "unloaded" on former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson for not supporting her precious spawn or the Senate.

The hubris of the Cheney family has no boundries. 

Apparently the only thing that matters to this awful family is loyalty.  Not to party, not to state, not to country, the only loyality that matters is to The Cheney Family and to The Cheney Family alone.

The quirky, honest and patriotic former Wyoming Senator and current national statesmen and big thinker has had the audacity to not support despicable Liz but instead has decided to remain loyal to both his party and his conscience and is supporting incumbent Senator Mike Enzi.

How dare the respected and dare I say beloved Alan Simpson not support a carpet bagger over a life time and dedicated Wyoming citizen when said carpet bagger is Liz Cheney? 

How is it possible that the painfully honest former Senator not support a woman who beleives her own sister does not deserve full citizenship in this country when that women is the daughter of Dick & Lynne Cheney?

Imagine that.  Imagine anyone in Wyoming not just bowing down and giving up their freedom to vote for whomever he or she thinks would best represent them in Washington when Dick & Lynne Cheney's souless daughter has decided that she is the one to represent them.

The sense of entitlement the Cheney family feels has no limits.

And it is undeserved.

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