Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boycott Putin not The Games

The eminent sports journalist, author, commentator and all around smartest man on the planet Frank Deford  has the perfect solution for the Sochi Games "Problem".

It is tradition that heads of state from around the world attend the opening and closing ceremony and a few of the events to show support for their nation's athletes.

Boycotting the games is not an option but humiliating Putin is an option.  Mr. Deford proposes that none of the heads of state attend the games.  Vladimir would left alone.  The box set aside for Barack Obama-empty, the box for President Hollande-empty, the box for Prince Charles-empty.  Putin will have been snubbed by the world's great powers.

The message to Putin and to the Russian people will be loud and clear.  The world rejects you.

If you agree (and you should) spread the word.


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