Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not Hopeful About Sochi

I have tried to write and re-write a blog post about the Olympics and each time it seems too over the top.

But, I do fear for the future of the Olympics if the IOC does not get control of this situation and assure the world that their gay sons and daughters are going to be safe if they participate in the games.

What if the rich people of the world choose to not buy tickets to the games because they do not want a backlash back home?  Or, they really care about LBGT issues.

What will that impact of a failed games be on the health and welfare of gay people in Russia?  Will gay folks be blamed for the failed Olympics or will the Putin Posse realize the error of their ways and try to reform Russian culture?

My glass is so half empty on this I can't even imagine a good outcome.

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