Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Week in Hating Gays & Brendon Ayanbadejo Makes it All Better

First I am a whore and then I am a thing according to New Mexico State Senator Bill Sharer.  He is really really opposed to whore things getting married.  You know there is some crazy shit in this man's background and when it hits the headlines it will be just awesome.

A man obsessed with gay sex  comes out against the new Treasury Departments tax rules that favor equality. I have to wonder where the hate comes from.  What is the cause of it?  What made these people so angry and so hateful?  What is Brian Brown afraid of?
Brian Brown

A man who wears a fabulous gown and a great hat and allowed children to be molested says that gay marriage is irrational . To make is point the Cardinal says this piece of Sarah Palin worthy brilliance

“We didn’t invent marriage. The church didn’t invent marriage. The state didn’t invent marriage. Nature gives us marriage. The Chinese are not Americans, and they’re not Catholic. They know what marriage is. Where did that come from?” George asked rhetorically.
Cardinal Francis George talks with columnist Sun-Times Mark Brown Monday afternoon.  |  Rich Hein~Sun-Times

But to end on a positive note: Brendon Ayanbadejo - a great gay ally and supporter of equality and justice adds his image to the powerful No H8 campaign.  This guy is one cool cat.

brendon ayanbadejo noh8



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