Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Man on Dog Lover Thinks We Have A No Memory & The Old Bigot Returns

Frothy hot man on dog proponent  Little Ricky Santorum now claims that the "Middle Class" is a "Marxist term".

The pro puppy humper has used this term through out his many many campaigns.  Does it mean that the sweater vest loving pervert is a Marxist as well?

What really amazes me about this is that Santorum didn't think people would go back and find the thousands of time he used the term "Middle Class".


It should shock no one that Pat Buchanan  comes down on the side of hate & bigotry. The Anti-Semite, homophobia proponent and former Nixon speech writer is now pro-Putin.

What planet do these guys come from......Uranus maybe?



  1. Pat is a practicing Catholic who endorses hate.
    His church has (est) 30 % gay clergy yet shuns the gay community.

    1. Thanks for commenting - Pat may be a Catholic but he hardly practices Christianity