Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good On You Ke$ha!

I like Ke$ha!

I know I know I know.

Say what you want but right now the child is wildly popular and she cranks out very catching tunes.  Let us not forget that I am a tall, fairly thin, white, gay man of a certain age.  I love dance music.

And, Ke$ha is all about the dancing and the party. Her songs are fun and the are very girl powered.  Not at the deeper empowering feminist level of  the amazing P!nk or the sublime Kelly Clarkson but her girls are not victims nor are they push overs.

Because Ke$ha likes and supports The Gays her tour is being picketed by members of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Who are not really a church in a traditional sense but family members bonded by a sick hate.

Apparently Ke$ha and her people had grown weary of the protests and wanted to show support for a large segment of her fans (The Gays) so 3 of her back up boys decide to dance in front of the protesters before her show in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The "church" members were playing their disgusting version of her song "We R who we R".

Well done you! Ke$sha (and your hot dancers).  Bring on the glitter bring on the love! 

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