Saturday, August 24, 2013

Joe Miller - Still Handsome Still Crazy

Alaskan GOP Senate loser Joe Miller is back in the news.

Remember when he lost to a write in candidate even though the very powerful Sarah Palin supported him with are her heart and soul.

Oh now wait Sarah has no soul so no wonder he lost.

Anyway, he is back in it for another shot at the US Senate (remember when the Senate was a majority of dignified, thoughtful leaders) and he has not tempered his hate or his crazy. He is linking our President to...............THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!

The thoughtful Mr. Miller has joined the other brilliant Republican statesmen Allen West and the Crown Prince of the crazy haters Louie Gohmert of Texas in pushing this story line.

I just wish I did not think Joe Miller was so handsome because then I could ignore him.


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