Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tossed Out By A Chattanooga Congregation

The "Pastor" of Ridgedale Church of Christ in Chattanooga has ordered an entire family; mom, dad, aunt, uncle and cousins from the congregation unless the publicly renounce their own daughter, niece and cousin because she is a LESBIAN.  They all committed the horrible sin of attending their family member's wedding to her female partner.

This "Pastor" is not a Christian and the people who support him are not Christians.

They are a mockery of the teaching of Jesus Christ and they are bad people.  They are in for a super big surprise when they get to heaven and they see people who neither think link them nor look like them.

What if they don't make it to heaven because they are so hateful?

Where will they go? Where will they spend all of eternity?

If I believed there was a hell it would be my first suggestion but since I do not maybe they will just be stuck behind the velvet rope watching while the rest of us go through the VIP entrance to Roxy. (I may be slightly dating myself with that but so be it)


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