Friday, August 30, 2013

Liz Cheney; Loathsome or Despicable on Marriage?

"I am strongly pro life and I am not pro gay marriage"

In an interview to clarify her views on the issue of gay marriage carpet bagging Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney  announced that she was not for it.  Even though her sister was married to her long time female partner last year.  Despicable Liz or in this case Loathsome Liz was in attendance as were her parents, who are in favor of full citizenship for their lesbian daughter.
liz cheney gay marriage

We should not be surprised by this pronouncement.  The ultimate Washington insider is trying to enhance her tea bagger credentials by turning her back on her own sister by throwing her sister under the bus.

The depth of Ms. Liz opportunism knows no bottom.

The first part of her statement confuses me every time I hear a right wing extremist say they are pro life and opposed to gay marriage in the same breath.  The PA Right to Life committee did a "pray in" at the office of pro marriage equality Montgomery Register of Wills a few weeks ago.

What does abortion have to do with marriage?

What does loving unborn fetuses have to do with two men getting married?

So, you are anti choice on a woman's right to terminate or her unwanted or unhealthy or forced by rape pregnancy you also have to be a homophobic bigot?

Good to know.

Oh Lizzie Cheney you have sold your soul and thrown your lot with a loathsome and despicable crowd.

Good luck with that!

If I had F. U. money I would send a donation to Sen. Mike Enzi and he is one of the most conservative members of the Senate.

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