Monday, August 12, 2013

Congressman Farenthold is a Silly & He's From Texas

Not very bright birther  Congressman Blake Farenthold of Texas (of course) claims there are enough GOP votes to impeach President Obama.

Bring it on you stupid man....

The American people take the impeachment of their elected President very seriously!

Bring the charges and see how the American people react - the last time the GOP impeached a President they lost seats in the next election and Newt Gringrich lost his job.

So, go ahead impeach him - try it!

What a horses ass, I mean really on what issue would they impeach this President?

And yet, the thought of impeaching Dick Cheney never crossed their mind?

What's even worse is that this moron will no doubt be re-elected.

Why do I still have hope for this great nation?


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