Sunday, August 25, 2013

NY Times Endorses Christine Quinn Mayor.

"But don’t worry, New York. Mr. Bloomberg’s is hardly the only way to run a city, and the excellent news is that there is a candidate who is ready to carry on at least as well as he did".

The New York Times has strong praise for Christine Quinn as it endorses her for Mayor.

"Ms. Quinn has been an impressive leader since her days as a neighborhood advocate and her early years on the City Council. We endorsed her for the Council in 1999 as someone “who can both work within the system and criticize it when necessary” — a judgment she has validated many times since. She has shepherded through important laws protecting New Yorkers’ health, safety and civil rights, including measures banning public smoking, protecting tenants and small businesses, and battling slumlords. She sponsored the sweeping 2007 legislation that made the city’s exemplary campaign-finance laws even stronger. She pushed successfully for a state law making kindergarten mandatory for 5-year-olds — giving thousands of poor and minority children a better start on their educations."

I am excited about the nations largest city and arguable the most important city on the planet having and out, loud and proud Lesbian as it's chief executive.

Quinn For Mayor


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