Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Campaigning Against Cory Booker

What does it say about your Senate campaign  when your post primary campaign tour is called "Expose Cory Booker" tour.

It says you are desperate and it says you are not going to tell the voters your true positions.  Mr. Lonegan knows he can not win so he figures he might as well attempt to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Booker. It will not work.  Cory Booker is a superstar and a media darling and he has the substance to back it up.  

Is a man who claims;

"His models in the Senate are all Tea Party freshmen: Ted Cruz of Texas (“brilliant,” he called him), Mike Lee of Utah (“very principled”) and Rand Paul of Kentucky (“sharp, aggressive”).

really a good fit for the Senate from New Jersey.


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