Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Week in Hate

According to a FOX news superstar The President & Oprah  are trying to start a race war.  I'm not sure I have the energy to comment on this.  As you know I have no love for Oprah Winfrey (I once said there was no difference between her and Jerry Springer) but really...Oprah Winfrey is not about to start a race war and Barack Obama has shown no evidence that he wants to start one either.  This is so silly I can hardly believe I am writing this much about it.

Facts and reality never really mattered to the people on Fox News

 Is this the airbrushed face of a race warrior?

It is really bad to like The Gays  if you are a Republican in Alabama - The President of the College Republicans about to get booted because she "liked" the Supreme Court decision overturning DOMA.  Alabama is the past, present and future of the Republican party and that my friends is a good thing if you are Democrat running for President.

A gay marine who lost his leg  in service to his nation in the Iraq war is booed at a public forum. When will people who claim to be Christians actually act Christ like?

Arizona (the other Texas) Congressman Bob Thorpe posts Racist  tweets but of course he is not a racist and apologizes to anyone who may have been offended and then he neatly folds his white hood and puts in a special place for another day.



  1. I personally call it Faux News....their facts have all come from someones rectum! As for the Christians....they love if you are a straight Christian with 10 kids with more on they way. Then you get welcomed with open arms. If you are not just like them they fear you. They can't help it though....they have been brainwashed by those in their church. Funny think about them is they all have claimed to have read the bible....though they seem to skip major parts of it.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting - I do tend to paint Christians with a broad brush stroke but the awful hate mongers give the religion a bad name. There are of course decent loving people of faith - The United Church of Christ for example - but they don't get the headlines because they don't seek them.