Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sptizer's Redemption & I Approve

Could the redemption of Eliot Spitzer actually be happening?

Today a group of influential black pastors endorsed him because he is talking about the issues that matter to New Yorkers and his opponent is talking about Spitzer's past. Former Congressman and current pastor at a 23,000 member congregation has switched from supporting Stinger to neutral.  All of this is very good news for Eliot Spitzer.

I am  a huge fan of Eliot Spitzer and was bitterly disappointed when he was brought down by his association with a prostitute.  But, then what politician doesn't spend time with prostitutes they just call themselves lobbyists.  But, in this country sexual prostitution is illegal and political prostitution is never going away. Spitzer was wrong and as a Governor he did the right thing and resigned his high public office. He paid a heavy price for his actions but he never gave up his desire for public service.

Spitzer made his name for the way he aggressively watched and prosecuted the illegal behavior and corruption on Wall Street and in government.  He was overwhelmingly swept in to the Governor's mansion with the hopes that he would drive the corruption and dysfunction out New York's state capital.  The mess in Albany proved difficult and then he was caught with a high priced call girl, in a Washington DC hotel.

He is hoping enough New York voters remember the good he has done in service to the public and are willing to turn the other cheek over his bad personal behavior.

The office of City Comptroller seems like a good for Sptizer and most recent polls show the voters may actually agree.

Spitzer's detractors are trying to link him to Anthony Weiner but that does not really seem to be sticking, Weiner's problems and personal issues are so much more creepy and awful than Sptitzer's.  Deep down inside people believe in forgiveness & redemption and unless something unusual happens it appears Eliot Spitzer's seems to be progressing along nicely.

Black pastors endorse Spitzer

Populist approach may just work

Some Recent ads that I think are quite effective

+ This is brilliant - First the music got my attention and then the message.

+ A similar ad and equally effective

+ Another ad without words but packs a huge & very clever punch at the end


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