Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wing Nut News From.......Texas and Jesse Jackson Jr.

Extremist Congressman Steve Stockman offers a job to the Obama mask wearing rodeo clown.  He saw nothing disrespectful about what happened in Missouri and people need to have a sense of humor.

Steve Stockman is unfit to sit in the United States Congress because he is in this order a;

  1. Tea Party Patriot
  2. Texan
  3. Conservative
  4. Republican 
  5. American

But, even Stockman's awful behavior does not compare to the shear lunacy of the former Texas GOP Chair she predicts immigration reform will lead to the end times she also claims that the government will begin to brand us with ID numbers.

Of course, she has never really shown us the words in the Senate's immigration reform bill that say this....because she can't. She just made this bullshit up on the spot because she knows she can't win the argument with the facts so she has to stir up the people who pay attention to the things she says.

She is clearly a clever fool because she knows there are thousands of people out there who will believe her.  But who are the people who believe in what she says and why do they fall for such nonsense? I know that she is talking bullshit and I think that she knows she is talking bullshit but she does it because it makes her famous and raises money to line her pockets.

And in other politicians who have made fools of themselves news:

Jesse Jackson Jr  is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison followed by 3 years probation.  What a shame he could have gone very far in politics.  It's a shame what greed and a sense of privilege will do to a person.


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